Nail your client Christmas gifts this year!

Nail your client giftsAre you looking to really nail your client Christmas gifts this year? Get away from the old branded coffee mug and try something more thoughtful.

To really impress your clients, try focusing on three elements that’ll get them hyped immediately and also impress them for years to come. You want to touch both emotion and memory! To achieve this why not look at a gifting trilogy?


The Christmas Gifts Trilogy

– A small gift that they can drink (or eat) immediately!
– Another small gift that is useful (and practical)
– Something valuable that they can keep forever.

By including chocolates, biscuits, coffee or a decent tipple they’ll get that early dopamine happy bounce which will be immediately tied to you and your brand. The small and practical gift element might be an elegant diary or a desk organiser. Keyrings still feature on our best-seller list! Finally the coup de grace is something special and thoughtful. I’m thinking a wallet or purse, a beautiful travel bag or for those really special clients a braai or butcher’s block?

Pay Attention to Branding

In our experience it pays dividends to pay attention to branding your Christmas gifts. Don’t overdo it. Shameless, over-the-top, self-promotion is going to end up gaudy and go straight into the regifting cupboard. Subtle but present branding doesn’t detract from the gift itself, and makes for a gift that gets used regularly. Think loads of brand impressions and extremely favourable memory recall.

Don’t Skimp on the Packaging

Also pay attention to the packaging. A brown courier box just doesn’t cut it. Make the opening of the box an awesome experience and it adds to the positive impression! This is the real opportunity to show off your brand and logo!

Close in Style

Don’t be shy to get personal, add a handwritten note to finish. Tell a little story about why you chose these gifts, and how much you appreciate their business. It’ll be very difficult for them not to make personal contact to show appreciation and another opportunity to develop your relationship.

If you need help with your gift selection or preparation, drop our Head of Sales an email and he’ll happily guide you