Drawstring Bags

Easy to carry, convenient to use our Amrod drawstring bags and backpacks are lightweight and minimalist compared to your original day bag or backpack.  Its popularity has made custom drawstring bags a highly favourable promotional item. Taking your clients to the big rugby game this weekend? Or your sales team to a music concert? What easier way to get the your brand carried around in front of a massive crowd, than with a branded drawstring bag? Handy and easy-to-use, perfect!

Drawstring bags are so versatile, gym people use them daily for carrying their gym clothes, students use them for books, golfers keep their practice balls in them and tourists use them as lightweight hold-all day-bags. They’re easy on the eye, easier on your budget, and they get used! People don’t easily throw away a decent drawstring bag! If you’re looking for a winning corporate gift, you can’t go wrong with branded bags.

We have an enormous variety to choose from so many styles and colours with great options for adding your logo. If you are looking for other bag styles you can browse through the rest of our range.

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